Izzah & Khairul’s Wedding Photography at the Berkeley London

Izzah & Khairul’s beautiful Wedding Photography took place at the Berkeley hotel london. It was a truly intimate occasion with an emotional ceremony which we captured unobtrusively while getting some wonderfully candid shots of the bride, groom and close family enjoying the ceremony together. The Nikaah ceremony itself took place at Regents park Mosque, where we also found some creative spots for outdoor photos, taking full advantage of the beautiful weather the couple were gifted with on the day. Izzah wore a lovely traditional dress with stunning detailing around the top portion complimenting the silk smooth lower portion; the whole outfit set off by little pearls.

A few moments of significance other than the main ceremony were the process of the bride washing her feet before entering the Mosque – which is important for religious reasons. The bride also bows low and makes a special prayer and vow to Allah on the occasion, which our female photographer captured respectfully. During the ceremony itself rings where exchanged and the couple looked truly in love; which is always a pleasure to see.

The portraits and outdoor photos went particularly well, the couple looked natural and were made to feel relaxed while we composed some artistic and romantics shots. We just loved the half length portraits shot in high key light, it gives such a soft romantic feel to the images.

The success of the day certainly carried into the reception, where guests were beaming at Izzah & Khairul as they entered the Berkeley for what was a very enjoyable reception, heartwarming speeches and a delicious dinner.

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CameoIzzah & Khairul’s Wedding Photography at the Berkeley London

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