Wedding Photojournalist London Versus Traditional Photographer: Which Is Best?

Wedding photojournalist London based services are but just one of the types of photography provided to couples on their special day. This is because there are a number of different styles that are used by varying wedding photographer London based services. For those who are just looking for a good photographer on their big day, it can cause unwelcome stress during an already stressful process. To help alleviate this strain, this article will discuss the major differences between two of the most common approaches: the photojournalistic and traditional style of wedding photography.

Traditional photography is the easier of the two to identify. It is usually a highly curated style that makes use of lighting, sharpness and background, but it is the poses that are most recognisable. Just think of shots of the bride and bridesmaids posing together, facing the camera and smiling. Or even just look back to vintage wedding photos. Virtually all of these wedding photos were shot in a traditional style because most professional wedding photography London companies used specialist wedding photographers. While the traditional style is still very much favoured by many couples, modern styles such as photojournalism – usually performed by a documentary wedding photographer London – have challenged the norm.

A reason for this was due to the blending of styles and the way in which photographers from other backgrounds – such as photojournalists – brought their styles to wedding photography. The goal of photojournalism – also referred to as documentary photography – is to photograph the subjects without them being aware that they are being photographed. The reason for this approach is an attempt to capture the passion of a moment and the real emotion on the faces of the subjects. It's not that traditional, staged photography is necessarily insincere; just that photojournalism is able to capture an event as it is happening. For many couples planning for their day of union, the idea of a wedding photographer hire London way that provides such candid snapshots is highly preferred.

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