How Airbrushed is TOO Airbrushed?

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Airbrushing, or retouching as it’s often called, has received growing popularity for its ability to save the day, however; if not applied professionally it can look terrible and completely ruin photos. So the question for a bride wanting to look …

CameoHow Airbrushed is TOO Airbrushed?

The Essential Wedding Photography Checklist

Cameo Advice for Brides

 There are countless wedding photography checklists out there, but what about the photographer? Just as important as a list of which shots to take, is who will be taking them! Read on to see why… To ensure your special day …

CameoThe Essential Wedding Photography Checklist


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Reviewing testimonials should be a vital step in any Bride’s search for a suitable wedding photographer. A portfolio, or even website can show a gallery of the most beautiful pictures – but this tells you nothing about the photographer’s personality… …