Reportage Wedding Photography London Explained

Reportage wedding photography London way has exploded in popularity in recent years. As more and more couples look to buck the long-standing trend of traditional wedding photography, reportage photography has become one of the top photography styles for weddings. But how is 'reportage' defined and why is it so sought after? As the name suggests, this type of photography sits somewhere between photojournalism and documentary. Like its written counterpart, reportage is all about telling a story. But instead of words, a reportage wedding photographer London will attempt to capture that story with their camera.

Just as journalists are perceived as having a 'nose' for a good story, a great documentary wedding photographer London way has a 'nose' for a good photo. Journalists act as impartial observers of a story. Similarly, the reportage photographer also observes and photographs their subjects from afar. The photographer is not there to interrupt the couple or proceedings. The best example of the difference between traditional and documentary style wedding photography London can be observed at the cutting of the wedding cake. Traditional photography would typically involve the photographer asking the couple to pose for photographs as they cut the wedding cake. However, a reportage photographer will snap the couple cutting the cake without interference or requesting poses.

There is no 'right' way to photograph a wedding. Instead, the style of photography used at a wedding should be suited to the couple's wants. That can either be just one style of photography, such as reportage, or various photographs taken in different styles. However, if you are interested in the reportage style of wedding photography, it would be best to find a London wedding photographer reportage specialist. At CAMEO PHOTOGRAPHY LONDON, our passionate, understanding and vastly experienced photographers are able to shoot stunning shots in a variety of styles – including reportage. To get in touch with us, just call 0208-446-4477 or use our contact form on