Modern Wedding Photography London: How Does It Differ From Traditional Photography?

Modern wedding photography London based services are very popular today. However, some still want a more traditional look when it comes to photographs of them and their loved ones on that special day. But then there are also many couples that aren't really sure what they want, nor are they aware of their options. Styles such as 'natural' and 'reportage' can leave them confused over what they want. So what are the key differences between a wedding photographer London who specialises in modern photography, and one who focuses on traditional photography?

When someone says 'traditional', we can instantly conjure up black and white images and old-fashioned values. But 'traditional' is just a style of photography. You could have a wedding and reception that has a contemporary look, but still employ a traditional wedding photographer. This style often refers to portraits and poses. The person does not move, and looks straight at the camera. As such, this style of photography is very curated. It provides those classic wedding photographs that you'll find sitting on the living room table of people who are married. However, it is important to note that most contemporary wedding photographers London based can also perform classic-style portraits.

When it comes to modern wedding photography, this style is actually very all encompassing. It often plays with lighting and framing in abstract ways, while also allowing for a creative freedom. A modern wedding photographer London way can provide extensive photo editing and enhance photographs with graphics or post-production touch-ups to remove any blemishes. Currently, the modern photography style that people seek is photojournalistic. Such photojournalists will discreetly capture you and your guests in your natural state. People have come to prefer this type of photography as they feel it as a more genuine reflection of their wedding day.

So, which is correct? The reality is that there is not a perfect style. It's all about what you and your partner want from your wedding day. In fact, many of the top wedding photographers London area can provide you with a hybrid of the classical and the contemporary. One such contemporary wedding photography London based provider of this approach is CAMEO PHOTOGRAPHY LONDON. We are passionate about delivering photographs that our clients will cherish for the rest of their life. We want to capture the joy and happiness you will share on this special day. To view our portfolio, simply visit If you would like to speak with us about your photography ideas or concerns, you can phone us on 0208-446-4477 or contact us via our website form.