Wedding Video And Photography Packages London: Is It Worth It?

Wedding video and photography packages London way have grown in popularity over the years. While traditionally it was just wedding photography that was the realm of the professional, many couples are now opting for professional videography to help further capture moments from their big day. Traditionally, the 'camcorder' honour tended to fall to trusted family or friends. Today, however, modern couples seek a professional and polished video of their big day that isn't full of thumbs over lenses and shaky-cam footage of the dance floor (literally). But is it worth hiring a videographer alongside a photographer?

By hiring a wedding photography company London way, you can have wonderfully intimate moments captured in a single shot. This allows the best wedding photographers London to be creative and conjure up scenes and shots that wouldn't look the same as on video. Conversely, video also has its own advantages over photography. For example, a videographer can capture everything going on in the day. They could help you see parts of your wedding that you never witnessed. While the groom and family will miss the arrival of the bridesmaids, the bride will miss the arrival of the groom and family. This can allow you to see your big day from a completely different perspective.

The wonderful thing about wedding videography is that it can capture moments and reactions that photography can miss. While photography is terrific for capturing curated moments, continuous footage can help tell an even bigger story. People often talk about how wedding photography allows them to reflect on and remember their special day; but we often forget how much of our memories are also tied up in sound. You will be able to hear the voices of your guests, as well as getting to relive the entirety of your first dance. These are just but a few of the reasons why you should consider hiring both a wedding photographer and videographer London based.

If you're finding it hard to budget for both a photographer and videographer, it's worth looking for wedding photography packages London that also provides videography as part of the arrangement. CAMEO PHOTOGRAPHY LONDON, a wedding photographer London based, is one such company that offers both photography and videography as part of a package. Our professionals have vast experience in providing such services to many happily wed couples across London and around the UK. To find out more about what we do, and to view our past wedding work, please visit If you'd like to chat with us about your requirements, simply phone us on 0208-446-4477 and we'll be happy to help.