Charlotte & Ali’s Wedding at Andaz London

It was our pleasure to photograph Charlotte & Ali’s wedding at Andaz on Liverpool street in London. We absolutely adored this venue with it’s stunning high ceilings and modern architecture, the ceremony looked incredible. But to set the scene we started off with details details details, as is our custom, and some “getting ready shots” with both Charlotte and Ali respectively.

There were approx 180 guests, all of whom excitedly waited for Charlotte to walk down the aisle, as we shot from both the front and back of the ceremony to cover both angles. Following a lovely ceremony we took full advantage of various locations around the venue and were extremely pleased with the results. All to often we hear photographers shooting weddings in London complain about the lack of outdoor space for photos, but inside a venue like this we were absolutely in our element!

The reception was impressive and we loved the little touches like a cigar bar, guest book, bespoke tea lights – all contributing to a wonderful atmosphere at haz restaurant where the Turkish cuisine went down very well indeed.  The band Soul Grooves had everybody on their feet as the bride and groom enjoyed their first dance.

Charlotte & Ali, we thoroughly enjoyed attending your wedding and thank you so much for letting us be part of your special day!


Wedding Venue: Andaz

Wedding dress: St. Patrick

Wedding Shoes: Jimmy Choo

Florist: Philippa Craddock

Band: Soul Grooves

Wedding cake: Nonna’s Kitchen

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CameoCharlotte & Ali’s Wedding at Andaz London

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