The Fine Art Collection

Although our photography is “inspired by” fine art, the need to provide you with timeless images uneffected by trends and short lived fads prevents us from treating all of our images in a way that would enhance this fine art look and feel.

Thus, a new need arises; for a range of products designed specifically for those who have an appreciation for Fine Art, Film inspired Photography. There are some shots taken during a wedding which lend themselves beautifully to a more traditional style of presentation and image treatment; while other portions of the day simply would not work and require a more modern approach.

This incredible range enables us to offer you a highly stylised work of personal art for a small selection of your favourite images, without the risk of dating all the images themselves. Initially the fine art range will be available as a special collection of presentation prints, along with bespoke wall portraits.

We use a combination of treatments, filters & photoshop artistry to achieve a traditional film effect.

All images selected for your collection will be printed on a specially sourced Italian Gesso Art paper or German bamboo art paper, sealed with a non destructive spray to ensure longevity.

The full collection consists of a 24×16″ framed wall portrait, along with the presentation print box of 10 A4 sized prints on Gesso Art Paper. The framed wall portrait is printed on German Bamboo Paper behind lightweight non-reflective glass, with the traditional ivory frame itself inspired by renaissance art. The presentation print box is covered with a stunning white Italian leather and engraved with wording of your choice in gold foil, it also comes with a miniature easel to beautifully display a different print as often as you like.

If you would like us to create your own fine art collection please get in touch with our artists for a consultation using the link below.

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