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Reviewing testimonials should be a vital step in any Bride’s search for a suitable wedding photographer. A portfolio, or even website can show a gallery of the most beautiful pictures – but this tells you nothing about the photographer’s personality… Is he or she good with people, friendly, likable, professional? Will the photographer make your guests smile and laugh, or irritate them by being overly bossy and controlling? These are important questions for any Bride to ask of her photographer, and obviously we can’t take somebody’s own description of themselves; we must rely on the testimonial of others.

Look for photographers who are able to provide strong testimonials not just from Bride and Grooms, but also from the hotels, party planners and venues they work for. Why? Because this shows evidence of consistently producing good results, pleasing the clients of these hotels & party planners on a regular basis.

At Cameo Photography we’re proud to have a range of testimonials from venues we’ve worked along with for years, as well as a few of the Bride & Grooms with whom we’ve had the pleasure of sharing a truly wedding special day.

Harold Baruch


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