How Airbrushed is TOO Airbrushed?

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How airbrushed is too airbrushed

Airbrushing, or retouching as it’s often called, has received growing popularity for its ability to save the day, however; if not applied professionally it can look terrible and completely ruin photos. So the question for a bride wanting to look her best without being made to look like a porcelain doll is; how airbrushed is TOO airbrushed?

To help illustrate what we feel to be an acceptable and professional standard of retouching, we’ll give you a few points to guide your decision:

Airbrushing / Retouching SHOULD:

Make you look your natural best.

Everyone wants to look their best on their wedding day. If pre-wedding nerves cause a nasty pimple to pop up, why should you be reminded of it everytime you view your wedding photos? If your chest goes beetroot red and blotchy as you walk down the aisle…Photoshop to the rescue!

Correct things that go wrong on the day.

The Groom’s shirt becomes untucked at one side during part of the wedding that can’t be interrupted (like his speech for example!) or it’s so windy outside that strands of the brides hair come unstuck and begin blowing across her face… These are both things that needn’t be remembered, thanks to retouching.

Airbrushing / Retouching COULD:

Give you a little extra boost.

This is where it comes down to personal preference. Most brides will go to significant lengths to have professional hair and makeup applied; some prefer smokey eyes, while others prefer a more natural approach. Likewise it’s no secret that skin can be smoothed, stomachs flattened and figures enhanced. As long as it’s realistic and tasteful, it’s really your choice as to whether you’d like this done, and to which extent it should be applied.

Airbrushing / Retouching SHOULDN’T:

Make you look like someone else.

There is a big difference between looking your best and looking so different that family and friends hardly recognise you in the photos! As a rule of thumb retouching should enhance rather than remodel. A professional retoucher should be well aware of this and bear it in mind when working on your images, even if you have requested extensive retouching.

Look fake.

One of the easiest ways to spoil beautiful wedding photos is to airbrush them in an obvious, clumsy manner that makes the bride resemble a plastic doll! This shouldn’t be a danger if you’re using a professional, but beware of inexperienced photographers or cheap retouching services that rush through your images applying strong effects. The result is often skin that looks blurred and obviously fake.

Use trendy “effects” that actually degrade image quality

Make sure you use experienced professionals who know what they are doing and use proven techniques to create photos that will stand the test of time. Beware of overly glowing, fake looking techniques that will soon become dated. Many of them degrade the quality of the image, meaning you will be stuck with these effects with no way of reverting back in future. Yes, that includes instagram effects!

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