The Essential Wedding Photography Checklist

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wedding photography checklist

 There are countless wedding photography checklists out there, but what about the photographer? Just as important as a list of which shots to take, is who will be taking them! Read on to see why…

To ensure your special day runs without a hitch, it’s vital you have carefully planned every little detail, organised and arranged all the timings to flow seamlessly. You will no doubt spend countless hours and endless meetings picking out the flowers, dress, colour scheme, stationary, catering, band, car, venue, reception… the list goes on. But what about your photographer? After all, when the day is done your beautiful flowers, wedding car and champagne will all have gone; while photos of the day will give you lasting memories you can treasure for years to come!

That’s why we’ve created “The essential wedding photography checklist”, so you can ensure the photographer you hire meets the same high standards as other carefully planned details of your day:

Ensure your photographer:

Has Years of “Professional” experience.

Would you entrust someone who enjoys cooking as a hobby to cater at the wedding? Make sure your photographer has years of proven professional experience. Every wedding day is different, but experience is invaluable in knowing which moments need capturing, where to stand, how to avoid obstructing or disturbing your guests – and of course producing beautiful photos as an end result.

Has a portfolio that suits your style.

If you hired 10 different photographers to capture the same event, they would all produce completely different results. Make sure you fall in love with the style of photography showcased in their portfolio. If they offer a diverse range of styles, even better – they may let you specify which you prefer; ensuring the photography is really tailored to you – and not their own preferences.

Is skilled in post production.

You wouldn’t buy the finest materials for your wedding dress only to have it put together by someone with no skill as a seamstress. Since photography went digital, shooting at the event is only half the work. To really achieve the best results requires equal skill in post production work on the images. Some photographers have mastered both disciplines, while others work with a digital artist, or post production team to really push the images to their full potential.

Knows your venue.

Or at the very least is prepared to do some research beforehand in order to scope out the best spots for taking posed photos. A photographer who is well prepared will smoothly whisk you away to the most romantic and well lit locations. The last thing you want on your special day is a photographer running around and panicking to find somewhere decent to take photos.

Has a good personal rapport with you.

Perhaps surprisingly, you’ll actually be spending a lot of time with your photographer throughout the day. From getting ready shots through to organising your guests for group pictures, they will be ever present… so it’s important they can put a smile on your face and contribute to the enjoyment of your wedding day.


Print off this page and tick off the points above when you’re booking your wedding photographer

Or download the printable version here

CameoThe Essential Wedding Photography Checklist